7 Hunger Relief Stats That Every Canadian Should Know

Based on Canada’s Invisible Food Network, a 2021 report by Second Harvest and VCMI, here are 7 hunger relief stats that Canadians should know and understand. Knowledge is the first step to making a plan to change for the better.

Canada’s Invisible Food Network: 4X More Food Charities Than Grocers

Second Harvest is shedding light on the massive and essential patchwork of non-profits across the country that feed 6.7 million Canadians—18% of the population—who do not have access to food. The first of its kind report, Canada’s Invisible Food Network is the first step to overhauling our broken food systems.

Think Outside the (Gift) Box

We are only weeks away from the launch of the holiday season and if you want to get a head start, we have some great gifts that give back to Second Harvest!

MEET HEKTOR: Road Warrior. Food Rescuer. Triple-Bottom-Line Winner.

Hektor has been a driver with Second Harvest for over 15 years. And in that time, he’s personally delivered millions of pounds of fresh food to shelters for the homeless, after-school programs, pre-natal food programs, food banks, student nutrition programs, and to...

Second Harvest providing $22.7 million to community groups across Canada to purchase food

Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada’s Emergency Food Security Fund, Second Harvest is launching $22.7 million in new funding for non-profits and charities in communities across Canada to enable the purchase of food, grocery gift cards and food vouchers,...