Canada’s Invisible Food Network release

As a follow-up to Second Harvest’s 2019 report, The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste, Second Harvest is releasing a second research report titled Canada’s Invisible Food Network. It is the first report to reveal the massive, invisible patchwork of community...

WASTE REDUCTION WEEK: Curb Your Household Food Waste

The third week of October marks Canada’s Waste Reduction Week where organizations and individuals celebrate initiatives that curb waste and inspire others to do the same. Here are four simple steps that you can do to reduce your household food waste—and join the celebration.

5 Questions with…the Tobin-Krofchick Family

This month, we’re talking to Harris Krofchick and Michelle Tobin about their family’s philanthropy and how giving where you live can be a path to healing the world.

Beat the Rush and Order Holiday Cards That Give Back!

We are only weeks away from the start of the holiday season and if you want to spread cheer, here are greeting cards that give back to Second Harvest! Click to learn more.

Our Climate Crisis and Food Security

The 2021 IPCC report sheds a devastating light on our climate crisis. Find out how our global food security will be impacted by changing growing seasons and what we must do to make our broken food systems sustainable in the difficult years to come.