5 questions with GSK Canada

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Community, Environment, Food Waste

Second Harvest is humbled by the incredible support we receive to fight food insecurity and reduce our country’s environmental footprint. We had the chance to ask a few questions to Alison Pozzobon, Head of Communications and Interim Head of Government Affairs and Market Access at GSK Canada, which positively impacts communities with their tremendous work in the areas of health for the people, innovators for the future and health for the planet.  

What inspired GSK Canada to partner with Second Harvest?

At GSK, we are looking at the interconnections between climate, nature and health. So, we were inspired by Second Harvest’s approach to hunger relief and sustainability, and dedication to making a positive social impact on communities across the country.  Our employees’ input also contributed to the selection of Second Harvest as a partner of choice in sustainability.   

Our collaboration with Second Harvest marks an expansion into environmental sustainability for us, and we’re excited about the positive outcomes this will bring to both people and our planet. We strongly support community health through partnerships with the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) and Health Partners International Canada (HPIC). We also provide funding for emergency preparedness and disaster relief to Save the Children (STC) Canada for Indigenous children and their families who are at risk of natural disasters.  

How does supporting Second Harvest reflect GSK’s values? 

We believe that reducing our environmental impact and strengthening people’s health are the best ways to contribute to sustainable and responsible outcomes across the country. Second Harvest’s vision aligns with our values of creating equal opportunities for everyone to have access to a healthier life. We partner with like-minded organizations and apply our strengths in areas that can most positively impact people over the long term.

What does “No Waste. No Hunger” mean to GSK?

We are fortunate to be in a position where we can make a difference for those in need and are proud to play a role in improving community health as well as taking action to protect and restore the environment.  

Climate change is a major issue in Canada, with avoidable food waste as a key contributor, and hunger is gaining ground in Canada while nearly half of all food produced is never eaten and ends up in landfills. In this context, we are thrilled to support Second Harvest’s vision No Waste. No Hunger and contribute to ambitious targets for food rescue while protecting our planet.  

Tell us more about GSK’s employee volunteering and environmental sustainability initiatives. What drives your commitment to corporate social responsibility and community support?

At GSK Canada, we want to play our part in protecting and restoring the planet’s health and we are committed to giving back because we believe it is the right thing to do — whether that be through volunteering with local charities or partnering with organizations such as Second Harvest.  

As an example of our collaborations, over the past eight years, GSK Canada employees and Save The Children have helped assemble 11,000+ backpacks for emergency preparedness and resiliency in addition to volunteering at local charities. We also seek employees’ input on the selection of new philanthropic partners and encourage participation in employee events in support of communities. We strongly believe that we are all accountable for impact and this guides our volunteering efforts.   

How has supporting Second Harvest impacted your team and your greater community? 

Our partnership with Second Harvest is brand new and we are excited to collaborate with them to achieve our ambitious Canadian objectives while raising awareness about food waste, both at work and at home. Since announcing our partnership, many employees have already asked how to get involved. This is off to a very promising start!