Eco-Friendly Holiday Shopping Tips

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Community, Environment, Food Waste

As we prepare to exchange gifts and spread joy in the holiday season, it’s essential to keep the planet in mind. Embracing eco-friendly gifting practices during your holiday shopping can make a significant difference in reducing waste.

We’ve rounded up some eco-friendly holiday shopping and gift-giving tips. Head over to our Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas! 

DIY and upcycled gifts 

Getting creative with your gifts not only adds a personal touch but also minimizes the demand for new products. Consider upcycling materials or repurposing items to give them a new lease on life. Take stock of your possessions, from an extensive wardrobe to a collection of books, and explore how these items can be regifted or repurposed.  

Mindful gift wrapping 

Traditional wrapping paper contributes to a significant amount of waste during the holiday season. Instead, opt for reusable gift wrap, such as fabrics, scarves, artwork from kids or even magazines and newspaper. You can also go an extra mile and learn furoshiki, a centuries-old Japanese practice of wrapping gift using fabric with different designs and print patterns.  

Brown bags from local businesses you support are also a great starting point if they are kept intact from a previous purchase, and bows made out of jute or twine are great biodegradable options. 

Shop smart

Make eco-friendly choices by selecting gifts that are both thoughtful and practical. Some gifts can even double as their own wrapping. For instance, if you’re focusing on a housewares theme, bundle gifts in a reusable cotton tea towel, serving as both wrapping and an additional present.  

Thoughtful presents for kids 

Opt for thoughtful gifts that go beyond quantity, emphasizing quality and longevity. To encourage conscious consumerism, you can teach young children about giving back to their community, whether through charity donations or wildlife adoption in their name. Foster creativity by involving kids in making their own wrapping paper or exchanging DIY gifts, reinforcing the notion that it’s the thought that truly counts.  

Gift an experience

At the end of the day, memories can sustain us well beyond an item. Quality time spent together with our loved ones can be both enjoyable and environmentally friendly. Try activities such as hiking, planting a garden together in the spring, preparing a nice meal, having an at-home spa day or going to the movies. These simple moments can turn into cherished memories, making the holiday season more meaningful. 

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