Partners in action: Working together to make lasting change

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Community

Relationships are an ever-changing and nuanced dynamic in all facets of life. Positive business relationships take time and must be cultivated, connected and engaged in a core philosophy. And, perhaps most importantly, moving in a similar direction. Businesses change and evolve constantly. This is particularly true in today’s world of technological developments, as well as worldwide economic, health, environmental and hunger challenges.

Loyalty is earned, both ways, through time and hard work and travelling together in one common direction. Case in point: Second Harvest and long-term partner Purolator.

Purolator and Second Harvest: Tackling hunger together

Purolator, as you may know, is a leading integrated freight, package and logistics provider. What you may not know is that they are a very active and engaged partner in the cause of tackling food insecurity and hunger. Purolator’s flagship program, Tackle Hunger, is an impressive grassroots initiative that has led to the delivery of more than 18 million pounds of food to families across Canada who are in need since the program’s inception in 2003. That’s big!

For more than 20 years, both organizations have shared in a healthy, growing and vitally-important partnership focused on combating hunger.

“Purolator is truly dedicated to the cause and is making a big difference. What’s special about Purolator is that for a corporation to work with a charity for 22 years, the relationship goes through several phases of evolution, but their dedication to our cause remains so constant it is a credit to their philanthropic culture and leadership,” said Kris-John Kucharik, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Second Harvest.

Kris-John, known as “K-J” to everyone at Second Harvest and elsewhere, has relished the opportunity to nurture the relationship with Purolator. “This long-lasting partnership with Second Harvest shows Purolator’s genuine commitment to contributing to multiple solutions to address food insecurity in Canada.”

The partnership between Second Harvest and Purolator continues to grow and evolve. 

“It would not be possible without all the dedicated work of so many team members on both sides for so long, and we are tremendously excited for what we can continue to achieve together,” Kucharik commented.

Purolator couldn’t agree more.

“Purolator is grateful for the opportunity to partner with and support organizations like Second Harvest that continue to deliver for Canadians when they need it most,” Stephanie Iacobelli, manager of Community Investment for Purolator. “Through our Purolator Tackle Hunger program, we are proud to support Second Harvest through monetary donations and in-kind shipping so that they can support families and individuals in need across Canada. This is all while working to address another critical issue facing Canadians and our environment, and that is food waste.”

By helping Second Harvest get edible food into the hands of hungry Canadians and away from landfill, we’re working collaboratively to deliver a better, stronger and healthier Canada for future generations.

– Stephanie Iacobelli, Purolator

Purolator’s contributions to Second Harvest 

The Purolator partnership has provided integral in-kind logistical support to Second Harvest, allowing us to fulfil our donor stewardship initiatives with the use of their nationwide courier services. Additionally, they have provided general financial support over the years for our food rescue operations and Second Harvest’s Hero fundraising campaign.

In 2022, the Purolator partnership with Second Harvest continues to grow, as they have doubled their in-kind logistical support to the amount of $30,000. Now that Second Harvest is truly a national organization, the logistical needs and expenses for business and donor correspondence have grown immensely. Purolator is also generously donating $25,000 towards our food rescue operations.

“This increased support will be tremendously impactful for our day-to-day business operations and allow us to continue making progress in tackling our mission,” Kucharik said. 

Since 2000, Purolator has donated over $300,000 in both in-kind and financial support. From Second Harvest’s days as a small, community-based, grassroots organization to a national charity and international thought leader in food waste prevention, Purolator’s support has played such a key role in our journey of growth. We are so excited to continue working with their amazing team.

Looking to get involved?

Whether you are looking for ways to get your company and employees involved in philanthropy or become a leader in corporate social responsibility, you’ve found the right partner in Second Harvest. Approximately one-third of the Second Harvest annual budget is provided by community-minded companies through corporate donations, cause marketing campaigns, gift-matching programs, event sponsorships, and employee giving. Click HERE to get involved.

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