It’s back again folks! The Second Harvest Hero Sweepstakes, presented by Moneris, is back again for another great year, and with our best prize board yet! With over 25 prizes ranging from games on the go, shopping sprees, sought after sports tickets, and luxury vacations, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy! Let’s have a look at a few from our starting line-up.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Enjoy a luxury suite (16 guests) behind the Roger’s Centre home plate to watch the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Minnesota Twins on Friday, June 3rd, 2022. Your suite is fully catered, and a special menu will be created for your event. Included is a $1,000 Visa gift card to assist with travel expenses. 

Courtesy of Aramark & Anonymous
Value: $6,500

Around the World With Air Canada

Dreaming of sun, surf, and sandy beaches? Scratch that travel itch with a trip to a destination of your choice, anywhere in the world! Package includes round-trip airfare vouchers for 2 anywhere that or Canada flies and a $500 Visa gift card to your preferred accommodation. 

Courtesy of Air Canada Foundation & Anonymous
Value: $6,100

Witness the Battle of Ontario in Ottawa

A matchup for the ages! Enjoy an executive suite at the 200 level for you and 13 of your closest friends to watch the Ottawa Senators take on the Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire on Saturday, April 16th, 2022. Your suite is fully catered, and a special menu will be created for your event. Included is a $1,000 Visa gift card to assist with travel expenses.

Courtesy of Aramark & Anonymous
Value: $6,500

Food Lovers Unite

Stock your fridge and pantry to its fullest with $5,000 in PC gift cards! Whether you’re stocking up on staples or experimenting with new cuisines, Loblaw’s makes it easy to create delicious moments you’ll love. With over 1,200 grocery store locations across Canada, consider your groceries covered for 2022!

Courtesy of Loblaw Companies Limited
Value: $5,000

Tickets start at $10, and every ticket purchased goes toward the support of rescuing and redistributing good food across Canada to non-profits and social service agencies caring for people in need. Help us reach our goal of supplying over 1.3 million meals through the Second Harvest Hero campaign this year!

For a full list of prizes, Rules of Play, and to purchase your tickets go to! Tickets sales end at 2 PM EST on Friday, March 25,2022, and the winners will be pulled at 3 PM EST.

Second Harvest Sweepstakes wouldn’t be possible without our presenting sponsor Moneris.

Creative ways to repurpose food packaging and reduce waste

Creative ways to repurpose food packaging and reduce waste

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Lessons from Korea’s food waste policies

Lessons from Korea’s food waste policies

Editor’s Note: Food waste isn’t just a Canadian problem – it’s a global issue with devastating impacts on climate change and hunger. All over the world, countries struggle to ensure good food ends up on plates instead of landfills, and many have developed unique...