MEET HEKTOR: Road Warrior. Food Rescuer. Triple-Bottom-Line Winner.

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Community

Hektor has been a driver with Second Harvest for over 15 years.

And in that time, he’s personally delivered millions of pounds of fresh food to shelters for the homeless, after-school programs, pre-natal food programs, food banks, student nutrition programs, and to hundreds of other social service providers across the GTA.

Like each of Second Harvest’s delivery drivers, Hektor is also a valued frontline ambassador. It takes special people to navigate Toronto traffic in all weather, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, loading and unloading thousands of pounds of skids and pallets of fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt, proteins, and bread – all while bringing their personal touch to their work.

By rescuing food and delivering it to people in need, Hektor and the Second Harvest drivers were able to prevent 162 million pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere last year while helping over 3,000 nonprofit partners fulfill their mission. That’s a triple-bottom-line win to be proud of!

Where does this nourishing surplus food come from? Second Harvest partners with grocery stores, distributors, caterers, large event spaces, growers, trade shows, farms, bakeries, and more. There are over 4,600 food donors on our long and diverse list, but each donor has the same guiding belief: that good, surplus food should not go to a landfill while there are people who need it. 

Giving Tuesday is on November 30. Join us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels as Hektor does a social media take over! Learn about our partners across Canada and see what impact your support is making. 

This Giving Tuesday, we need your help to provide enough food for 100,000 meals!

Second Harvest relies on the support of amazing donors like you to nourish people facing hunger from coast to coast to coast. When you give on Giving Tuesday your gift will be matched which means every $1 you donate will help provide enough food for 4 meals! 

Your support will help drivers like Hektor make daily deliveries in the GTA, connect food donors to frontline nonprofit partners across the country through our award-winning food rescue app, and feed entire communities with healthy, surplus food in hard-to-reach places in Northern Canada. 

We hope you’ll join us on Giving Tuesday to help feed the nearly 1 in 5 Canadians that rely on food from community organizations.

Save the Date: NOVEMBER 30, 2021

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