Beat the Rush and Order Holiday Cards That Give Back!

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Community

Have you been tasked with sending out your company’s holiday gifts? Or perhaps you’ve been voluntold to organize the family card mailing. Incredibly, we are just weeks away from the start of the winter holiday season so beat the rush and check out a special holiday card selection that gives back!

Don’t forget the card! 

Whether you’re tucking one into a perfect gift box or sending dozens to your clients and family around the country, now is the time to stock up on holiday cards – and if you order TPH Charitable Greeting Cards this holiday, 100% of the net proceeds will go to Second Harvest! The cards are printed on FSC-certified paper and are a socially and environmentally conscious way to spread holiday cheer. 

TPH is gifting Second Harvest with support

This great fundraiser came about after TPH sent employees and clients a survey asking them what issues they wanted to see the TPH Charitable Office support. The resounding top two selections were Food Security and Environmental Conservation.

“Second Harvest was chosen because of their extraordinary response to the pandemic and how it exacerbated food insecurity issues in Canada,” said Cindy Schweyer, Project Lead at TPH Charitable Office. “Their commitment to sustainability allowed us to address both of the top issues selected.”

To create and order your holiday cards that give back, click on these links: 

Our thanks to TPH for supporting our food rescue mission and helping to provide food for people in need during the holiday season and throughout the year! 

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