Partnering with Chick-fil-A to fight hunger in downtown Toronto

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Hunger Relief

Since 1985, Second Harvest has been rescuing and redistributing food to fight hunger and reduce food waste in Canada. But as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country, we were faced with one of the greatest challenges we’d seen in our 35-year history. Food insecurity and demand at food banks shot up, and we knew we’d need to marshal more resources than ever to help provide Canadians with nutritious, high quality food.

Enter our partners. We have thousands across Canada, and the relationship between Second Harvest, Chick-fil-A and Yonge Street Mission is truly special in terms of impact. Chick-fil-A’s support helped us take our food rescue mission across Canada two years ahead of schedule. And on a local level, every week Chick-fil-A Yonge and Bloor packages up sandwiches for Second Harvest to redistribute. 

Many of these sandwiches go to the food services program at Yonge Street Mission, a community-based organization that was hit hard by COVID-19. With the help of Second Harvest’s deliveries of healthy rescued food and Chick-fil-A, Yonge Street Mission was able to move 15-16 thousand pounds of food per week through their doors and out to Torontonians.

That’s why we want to take a moment to celebrate Chick-fil-A, Yonge Street Mission, and all our partners for their dedication to our mission and to Canadians. We know you won’t stop fighting hunger and food waste, and neither will we.

Read more about Second Harvest’s partnership with Chick-fil-A and Yonge Street Mission >

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