Youth Food Waste Prevention Symposium

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Food Waste

Reducing food loss and waste is serious work that can also be a lot of fun! On July 29, we are launching a Youth Food Waste Prevention Symposium featuring your choice of one of three youth-friendly workshops that will inspire youth, families, and their friends to reduce food waste at home, at school and in their community!

Want to earn the chance to win a food rescue swag bag worth $100? Make this a family or organization event! The more people you bring, the more chances you get to win a prize! Click here to learn more.

On the day, you’ll choose your food waste adventure by picking one of the following workshops: 

Option 1: Urban (and Kitchen!) Agriculture

We will get a virtual tour of an urban farm to see what it takes to grow food, even in small spaces. And you’ll learn how to turn your own kitchen into your own urban farm by re-growing food scraps. With a little love and patience, we can re-grow our food to enjoy a second or third time!

Option 2: Become a Food Explorer

Do you live with a picky eater – adult or kid? This workshop will show you how to rediscover the sensory delight in food while creating meals that are delicious and colorful… not just good for you. 

Option 3: Preserving Surplus Food

Preserving surplus fruits and vegetables does not have to be a chore! Come and try our kid-friendly recipes that are not only delicious but use up those leftover ingredients in no time. This workshop also has recipes to keep you cool this summer so check it out!

Pro tip: You will also gain access to our Educator’s Guide to Food Waste Prevention if you attend our event! It’s a perfect companion guide for any educators looking for informative, interactive, out-of-the-box activities to encourage youth to become food rescue heroes!

Youth Food Waste Symposium
Thursday July 29, 2021
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM EST


We would like to thank Scotiabank for their generous support of this symposium.