Become a Food Defender! No-Waste Eating

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Food Waste

In celebration of Earth Month 2021, Second Harvest continues to offer our free e-learning offerings with Food Defenders, our first-ever, two-day, culinary learning series. This series features special guests who have mastered the fine art of using their food to its greatest potential—from nose to tail and root to shoot. We’ll also share recipes for you to download, our Waste Wise Guide, and more!  Click here to register on Eventbrite and join us on one or both days.

Wednesday, April 28 from 6pm to 7pm

Let’s Get Scrappy!

Composting is great but using every part of your ingredients—from nose to tail and root to shoot—is even better! Join Food Network celebrity chef, author, and Second Harvest Ambassador, Bob Blumer, for a home-cooking demo direct from his kitchen in Los Angeles. Bob’s specialty is making mouth-watering meals from using parts of food we wouldn’t normally eat and using up those scraps we would normally throw out. You won’t want to miss this!

Thursday, April 29 from 6pm to 7pm

Waste Wise Legacy

Can leftover rice, wilting herbs, and other back-of-the-fridge forgotten finds become unforgettably yummy dishes like Panta phat and Pav bhaji? Absolutely! Join Almas and Nita, two talented South Asian home chefs, who will each prepare two recipes that taste great and reduce our food waste at home. As a bonus, all four recipes will be shared with anyone who attends this awesome webinar.

Pro tip: Invite friends to register, grab a drink and some snacks, and make it a fun (virtual) group activity! You can share the registration link: 

Food Defenders is sponsored by CI Financial.

See you there!

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