MOVING MOUNTAINS: Uber Freight Delivers Over 2M lbs of Rescued Food Across Canada

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Community, Hunger Relief

Transporting millions of pounds of food across Canada is no easy feat. The logistics of ensuring that perishable items, such as produce and proteins, make it to their destination as quickly as possible are mind-bogglingly tricky.

Second Harvest extended its partnership with Uber Freight in late October 2020 and exponentially increased our ability to redistribute food to COVID-19-stricken communities across the country. Second Harvest is thrilled to have such a capable distribution partner. The team expects to reach three million pounds of food distributed to food shelters and charities across all provinces by the end of the year.

“Transportation is one of the greatest challenges of getting good healthy food to communities.” says Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel. “We are incredibly thankful for the partnership with Uber Freight which has enabled us to provide chicken, eggs, seafood, beef, vegetables and dry goods to remote and fly-in communities where food insecurity rates are among the highest.”

On the road to fighting food insecurity

The idyllic partnership started with a single project: moving donated potatoes from Toronto to Little Current, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This was a part of Uber Freight’s Move What Matters campaign. The successful collaboration resulted in 35 donated trips that brought over 1.7 million pounds of product to community hubs across Ontario and Alberta by the end of July.  

As a result, Uber Freight recognized Second Harvest as the Community Champion, from 7,000 candidates. “Second Harvest was a standout for the selection committee in terms of the impact on community and partnership with Uber,” said Faye Pang, General Manager of Uber Freight Canada. “We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to do this important work with Second Harvest to help Canadians in need.”

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