From Oct 1-31, 2020, Team Second Harvest will be virtual for the annual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon charity challenge and we hope you will join us! Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 which will allow us to rescue and deliver enough fresh, healthy food for 40,000 meals for people experiencing hunger.

We are offering some great benefits for our dedicated runners, walkers, and wheelers:

  • The first fundraiser to reach $2,000 will receive a $500 Amazon gift card
  • All other fundraisers who reach $2,000 will receive a $250 Amazon gift card
  • All fundraisers who reach $1,000 will receive a $100 Starbucks gift card

Everyone who raises a minimum of $500 will have their registration fee fully reimbursed and also receive a Second Harvest cloth bag.

Ready to start fundraising? Click here to sign up online:

  • Marathon Virtual Run/Walk: $50.00
  • Marathon Relay (Team Captain Virtual Run/Walk): $135.00
  • Half Marathon Virtual Run/Walk: $50.00
  • 10K Virtual Run/Walk: $35.00
  • 5K Virtual Run/Walk: $35.00
  • 5K Kids Race (12yrs & under) Virtual Run/Walk: $25.00
  • Virtual Double Up – Marathon + 10K: $65.00
  • Virtual Double Up – Half Marathon + 10K: $65.00
  • Virtual Double Up – 10K + 5K: $45.00

Looking forward to having you on Team Second Harvest!

Register Today

For more information, contact Rachel Lehman ( )

Creative ways to repurpose food packaging and reduce waste

Creative ways to repurpose food packaging and reduce waste

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Lessons from Korea’s food waste policies

Lessons from Korea’s food waste policies

Editor’s Note: Food waste isn’t just a Canadian problem – it’s a global issue with devastating impacts on climate change and hunger. All over the world, countries struggle to ensure good food ends up on plates instead of landfills, and many have developed unique...