Celebrating five years of partnership with the Walmart Foundation

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Food Waste, Hunger Relief

Whether it’s with a fleet of trucks or our food rescue tech, Second Harvest’s work of recovering and redistributing healthy surplus food is always on the move. 

Last year, Second Harvest rescued and redistributed more than 22 million pounds of food – and there is still more to be done. Our research has shown that there are 11.2 million tonnes of potentially rescuable, edible food sent to landfill every year – that’s enough to feed every Canadian for five months, for free, and that’s not even half of the 35.5 million tonnes of total food loss and waste in this country. 

Working to reduce food waste, creating food donation tools and solutions for food businesses and making sure the surplus goes to people, not landfill, relies on the investment and vision of our partners, which is why we are celebrating entering our fifth year of partnership with the Walmart Foundation. 

The support of the Walmart Foundation has enabled Second Harvest to conduct world-first research into food loss and waste, to develop our Food Rescue App, and then to expand the web app across Canada when COVID-19 hit to give non-profits like meal programs, shelters and food banks access to emergency food relief for their communities.

You can learn more about the reasons we’re celebrating in our recent press release – and to get a look at the Walmart Foundation’s partnership in action, click below to watch the impact video.

Our thanks and gratitude to the Walmart Foundation as we start and celebrate our fifth year of an incredible partnership!

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